High Purity Gases

AGT International supplies a comprehensive range of hydrocarbon gases and liquids and associated special gases.

Our products are either purified from refinery-grade raw materials using a variety of techniques including molecular sieve and fractional distillation, or directly manufactured by hydrogenation and other techniques.

After manufacture, all products are certified in an on-site laboratory and supplied with a choice of certification – Composition, Batch or Individual analysis. Details of our full range of products are shown below.

ProductChemical ForumlaPurity Range Available
Allene (Propadiene)C3H495%
n-ButaneC4H1099.0% to 99.99%
1,2 ButadieneC4H697%
1-ButeneC4H899.0% to 99.99%
Mixed 2-ButenesC4H895.0% to 99.0%
Carbon DioxideCO299.999% to 99.9995%
Carbon MonoxideCO99.5% to 99.999%
Carbonyl SulphideCOS99.9%
EthaneC2H699.5% to 99.9995%
EthyleneC2H499.5% to 99.9995%
Hydrogen ChlorideHCI99.9% to 99.999%
Ethyl Acetylene (1-butyne)C4H699.0%
IsobutaneC4H1099.0% to 99.995%
IsobutyleneC4H899.0% to 99.9%
MethaneCH499.5% to 99.9999%
Methyl Acetylene (propyne)C3H499%
Methyl Mercaptan (Methanethiol)CH4S98.0% to 99.5%
Neo Pentane (2,2 dimethylpropane)C5H1299.0%
Nitric OxideNO99.5%
PropaneC3H899.5% to 99.999%
PropyleneC3H699.5% to 99.995%
Vinyl Acetylene (1-buten-3-yne)C3H498.0%