Carbon Monoxide – Semiconductor Grade


High purity carbon monoxide is produced from lower purity material by a combination of purification techniques including molecular sieve and cryogenic fractional distillation. It is used to modulate the etch rate in the overall etch process step, improving etch selectivity for greater control of etch profiles.

Standard Specifications

Purity / Assay
Impurities (Mol ppm)
Nitrogen / Argon< 20< 5
Oxygen< 3< 2
Carbon Dioxide< 5< 2
Methane< 5< 2
Moisture **< 3< 2
Total Impurities< 30< 10

* Specification only guaranteed if filled into aluminium cylinders
** Moisture Specification only guaranteed if cylinders prepared by AGT International

Please contact us if the specification you require is not shown above. AGT International is able to custom manufacture different specifications according to your requirements.

Standard Cylinder Sizes and Fill Volumes

Cylinder Information
Cylinder SizeFill Volume (m3)

If you require a different container size please contact us.

Technical Information

Technical DataShipping Information
Molecular Weight (g/mol)28.01Shipping NameCarbon monoxide, compressed
Liquid Density (kg/m³)788.6Hazard Class2.3
Gas Density (kg/m³)4.355UN No.UN 1016
Boiling point (°C)-191.6Hazard LabelFlammable gas, toxic gas
Specific Volume (m³/kg)0.862CAS No.630-08-0
Vapour Pressure (bar.a @ 20°C)N/A
Valve OutletCGA 350 / BS 4 / DIN 5