Nitric Oxide


Nitric oxide is produced by reacting aqueous nitric acid with gaseous sulfur dioxide in a gas-liquid contact reactor. The reaction is conducted in the presence of a stoichiometric excess of nitric acid to minimize the production of byproduct nitrous oxide and nitrogen. The nitric oxide product gas is chilled sufficiently to freeze most of the water and byproduct nitrogen dioxide contained in the nitric oxide product gas.

Standard Specifications

Purity / Assay
Impurities (Mol ppm)
Nitrogen< 3000
Nitrous Oxide< 1000
Carbon Dioxide< 1000
Moisture **< 20
Total Impurities< 5000

** Moisture Specification only guaranteed if cylinders prepared by AGT International

Please contact us if the specification you require is not shown above. AGT International is able to custom manufacture different specifications according to your requirements.

Standard Cylinder Sizes and Fill Volumes

Cylinder Information
Cylinder SizeFill Volume (m3)
H491.76 @ 35 bar

If you require a different container size please contact us.

Technical Information

Technical DataShipping Information
Molecular Weight (g/mol)30.006Shipping NameNitric Oxide, compressed
Liquid Density (kg/m³)1,280.84Hazard Class2.3 (5.1,8)
Gas Density (kg/m³)3.027UN No.UN 1660
Boiling point (°C)-151.77Hazard LabelPoison Gas, Oxidser, Corrosive
Specific Volume (m³/kg)0.805CAS No.10102-43-9
Vapour Pressure (bar.a @ 20°C)N/A
Valve OutletCGA 660