Propane - Bulk


Propane is separated from a natural gas stream by absorption in a light oil. It is then stripped along with butanes as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and separated by fractional distillation: propane boils at -42° C (-43.6° F).

It is filled into T50 ISO containers for international transport as well as road trailers and rail cars. ISO Containers are approved by UN, RID/ADR, CSC, AAR-600, DOT, TC, TIR, UIC.

Standard Specifications

(AGT International has multiple sources for propane, sample purities are shown below)

Purity / Assay
Impurities (wt)
Propane> 97%> 99.5%
Ethane< 1.5%< 0.17%
Isobutane< 3%< 0.4%
n-Butane< 2%< 0.1%
Neopentane< 0.1%< 100ppm
Isopentane< 0.1%< 100ppm
n-Pentane< 0.1%< 100ppm
1,3 Butadiene< 100ppm< 1ppm
Sulfur< 1ppm< 1ppm
Moisture< 10ppm< 10ppm

Standard Container Sizes and Fill Volumes

Container Information
Type20' T50 ISO Container30' T50 ISO ContainerRoad Trailer

*Railcars also available (US only). Please contact us for details.

Technical Information

Technical DataShipping Information
Molecular Weight (g/mol)44.096Shipping NamePropane
Liquid Density (kg/m³)582Hazard Class2.1
Gas Density (kg/m³)1.91UN No.UN 1978
Boiling point (°C)-42.1Hazard LabelFlammable gas
Specific Volume (m³/kg)0.543CAS No.74-96-6
Vapour Pressure (bar.a @ 20°C)8.7
Valve OutletACME, MALE. 1 ¾” gas phase / 3 ¼” liquid phase