Ethylene - Bulk


Ethylene is produced by the steam cracking of ethane. It is filled into T75 cryogenic isocontainers as a liquid or tube skids as a compressed liquid for international transport. Skids are approved by DOT, TC, RID / ADR and IMO. Cryogenic containers are approved by UN, RID/ADR, CSC, AAR-600, DOT, TC, TIR, UIC.

Standard Specifications

Purity / Assay
Impurities (vol/vol)
Ethylene> 99.9%
Propylene< 50ppm
Methan and Ethan< 1000ppm
Acetylene< 10ppm
Dienes< 5ppm
Oxygen< 5ppm
Hydrogen< 10ppm
Carbon Dioxide< 10ppm
Carbon Monoxide< 10ppm
Water< 1wtppm
Ammonia< 1ppm
Nitrogen< 50ppm
Sulfur (as H2S and mercaptans)< 1ppm
Alcohols (as methanol)< 5ppm
Ethylene Oxide< 1ppm

Standard Container Sizes and Fill Volumes

Container Information
TypeTube Skid20' T75 cryo container40' T75 cryo container

Technical Information

Technical DataShipping Information
GasCryogenic Liquid
Molecular Weight (g/mol)28.054Shipping NameEthyleneEthylene, refrigerated liquid
Liquid Density (kg/m³)567.9Hazard Class2.12.1
Gas Density (kg/m³)1.178UN No.UN 1962UN 1038
Boiling point (°C)-103.8Hazard LabelFlammable gasFlammable gas
Specific Volume (m³/kg)0.862CAS No.74-85-174-85-1
Vapour Pressure (bar.a @ 20°C)47.7
Valve OutletSkid - CGA 1350, T75 container - DN65/DN50-PN40