LNG and FLNG Refrigerants

AGT International has more than 15 years’ experience meeting the high demands of the global LNG Industry in both land based and FLNG applications. Shipping from multiple US locations and Rotterdam in The Netherlands we have a wealth of experience supplying hydrocarbons used in the mixed refrigerant (MR) precool process.


We have a large fleet of ISO containers including T75, T50 and T11 available for immediate dispatch and standard shipping time from order is less than 10 days. Unlike other suppliers we are able to offer our ISO containers on a daily rental basis ensuring that our customers only pay for the time they are used rather than having to commit to multi-year contracts.

Our European base means that for cryogenic gases (ethane, ethylene, LNG) we are able to supply up to 20 tonnes per container in a 40’ T75 cryogenic iso container instead of only 14 tonnes from US based suppliers. This gives a 42% improvement in container utilization and significantly reduces ancillary charges including container rental, purging and cool down.

Our contracts with the global shipping industry mean that we are able to offer delivery to virtually any location and in most cases we also arrange for collection of the containers from the delivery port back to our facility reducing administration time and cost.

Whether you are looking for large volumes for LNG or FLNG startup or continuing supply to the MR process AGT International has the experience and exceptional customer support through our 3 offices to ensure your project is delivered safely, on time and within budget.

AGT International – the difference :

  • Dual sources for all products ensures 100% availability
  • 20 tonnes fills in 40’ containers reduces ancillary costs by 42%
  • Daily container rental reduces project rental costs
  • AGT International arranges all shipping including return.

Contact us today with details of your needs and experience the difference