Hydrocarbon Refrigerants

With zero ozone depletion, AGT International’s hydrocarbons are the refrigerants of choice for environmentally friendly applications. Specially formulated for refrigeration applications including LNG processing, refinery refrigeration and startups, all of our refrigerants feature.

  • Moisture content < 10ppm

  • Sulfur content < 1ppm

  • Certified low levels of mercury contamination

Our standard products are shown below and in many cases if the specification required is not shown we are able to provide customised specifications.

Availability / Fill Volume
R NumberPurity RangeL454 Drum20' ISO
30/40' ISO
Road Trailer
EthaneR17097.5%N/A9,000 kg20,000 kgN/A
EthyleneR115099.9%N/A9,000 kg20,000 kgN/A
IsobutaneR600a97 - 99.5%222.411,000 kg17,950 kg18,100 kg
IsopentaneR601a95 - 99.0%253.213,700 kgN/A20,000 kg
n-ButaneR60097 - 99.5%226.911,450 kg18,650 kg18,800 kg
n-PentaneR60195 - 99.0%258.713,900 kgN/A20,000 kg
PropaneR29097 - 99.5%190.610,600 kg17,300 kg17,450 kg
PropyleneR127099.5%19510,500 kg17,150 kg17,300 kg