Bulk Gases

AGT International supplies a number of its products in bulk to industries including liquefied natural gas processing, geothermal energy, turbine and marine engine testing and chemical processing. We have distribution points in the USA and Europe enabling us to provide a fast efficient solution to any global location.

Importantly, we are able to provide our ISO containers and tube skids on a daily rental basis without long term contract commitment enabling out customers to control their total costs effectively.

Details of our bulk products may be found below.

Availability / Max Fill VolumeTube Skid20’ Iso Container30/40’ Iso ContainerRoad Trailer
Carbon Monoxide99.5%2,550 m3N/AN/AN/A
Ethane97.5%6,500 kg9,000 kg20,000 kgN/A
Ethylene99.9%6,500 kg9,000 kg20,000 kgN/A
Isobutane97 - 99.5%N/A12,000 kg17,175 kg18,100 kg
Isopentane95 - 99.0%N/A13,700 kgN/A20,000 kg
LNGN/AN/A7,000 kg11,400 kg11,520 kg
Methane99.5%3,900 m3N/AN/AN/A
n-Butane97 - 99.5%N/A11,450 kg17,175 kg 18,800 kg
n-Pentane95 - 99.0%N/A13,700 kgN/A20,000 kg
Propane97 - 99.5%N/A10,600 kg17,300 kg17,450 kg
Propylene99.5%N/A10,500 kg17,150 kg17,300 kg